Who invented Scale Busta?

Scale Busta – the Aussie-built scale buster

Not all Magnetic Water Conditioners are the same. Magnetic water treatment, particularly of calcium scale, is not new. The first patent for magnetic water treatment was taken out in England in 1890. Victor Cassar, Magnetic Engineer and Managing Director of International Magnetic Solutions, designed GrowFlow Magnetic Water Conditioners in the early 1990’s, using powerful neodymium (rare earth) magnetic assemblies. The GrowFlow units have proven success in the treatment of hard water, salinity and sodicity in the agricultural industry.

Victor designed magnetic water conditioners for other major manufacturers in Australia in 1994 and effectively kick-started the Australian industry.

After further research Victor designed the Scale Busta Magnetic Scale Eliminator specifically for underground mining applications in 2008. Scale Busta – the Aussie-built scale buster is extremely powerful. The magnetic intensity was specifically designed much higher than other systems to enable it to cater to the extreme mineral concentrations that can be found in underground mines. The results have been AMAZING and Scale Busta has generated a great deal of excitement for those in the underground mining industry – see magnetised water trial results.

Victor Cassar testing a water conditioner

Victor Cassar testing a water conditioner